Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catching Up

I have a lot of catching up to do! We had such a busy week with A and H visiting and then this week we've been going to swim lessons! (pictures to follow)
On Sunday we bought Gracie her very own lawn chair. When we got home we set it up and she immediately got in it. And stayed. All night. As in, bring me my books, toys, drinks mom. It was too cute.
She learned how to get down from it. She puts one hand on the floor and kind of falls out of it but she just gets right back on the chair.
I also noticed that she's getting so smart- she pushed the chair up against the table and and stands on it to reach whatever she can!!!!

We bought bikes! Shane's been wanting one for a while so we went shopping and picked out some great ones. Ok. Mine is pretty much granny (big seat) but it's comfortable. We bought a seat and helmet for Grace and rode our bikes to church on Sunday.
Um, are you wondering if Grace liked wearing the helmet? Hmmm.. what do you think? :)
Here is when we gave Daddy breakfast in bed for Father's Day. It's a little more work to move Grace and her chair in, but we had fun.

Last Friday Laur and Jess came down and I got a much needed HAIRCUT! Jess, you are so good to me. Thank you.

Gracie's friend Norah came with Aunt Jess to visit. They are not quite at the age of playing together but finally when I have friends come with their kids... finally, I have toys for their kids! :)

Still to come- the Zoo with Uncle Adam and Aunt Michelle, and swim lessons! Have a great weekend!

(and to leave you with her new "cheese" face... Daddy gave her some fudgcicle..YUM! she would take a bite and then wipe her mouth on his shirt!)


mommy4boys said...

Great post Shan! I want to see your granny style big butt seat way better than those pointy shove it up your butt seats..blahahah

Charisse said...

Did you end up getting her to keep her helmet on? I took Brooke out once and she did the same thing. I want to try again, but don't how to get her to keep the helmet on. Please tell, if you have a trick I can use?!?!??

Judy said...

oh my...the helmet thing reminds me of Elliott. Once I get moving, he doesnt mind the helmet. I felt super bad today because I pinched his skin under his chin. His little legs and arms were a floppin to let me know that I HAD HURT HIM!