Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let the Celebrations Begin!

This is the month our baby girl turns ONE YEAR OLD! We have spread the celebrating out all month long....
To start with, I made her a bug cake and then a little ladybug cake. I had fun doing it!

We took it to the cottage and celebrated with Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Brad and Grandma Diane.
Shirley helped me decorate the little ladybug. She did a great job!
I'm pretty sure Grace liked it.

This is her new face. Makes it all the time.
Think she gets it from her daddy? :)
Grandpa Brad

This was the part of the day she wasn't so keen on. The boat was lots of fun but the lifejacket? not so much. She was m.a.d. Finally she realized she wasn't getting out of it and just sat there. She did like it when we passed other boats though.

It was also "fishing without a license is ok" weekend! We spent a lot of time on the pier trying to catch a fish. I told them I needed to catch a bass.... and I did! :) I even touched it (pat on the back) This pictures shows pretty much just how she felt about a) the life jacket and b) the fish.

Next up... Grandma and Grandpa Wilson, then Cousins Aaron and Hannah, then Uncle Adam and Michelle....

P.S. Today is Grace's cousin Reese's birthday. Happy Birthday Reesie! We love you very much and hope you have a great day. (you're card will be coming this week)


Anonymous said...

Great job on the cake, Shan! You're so creative. And happy birthday to Grace! Hard to believe she's already a year old.

mommy4boys said...

WOW, cute cake..I am impressed! How fun for her and you guys. Happy 1st Birthday Grace! You share a wonderful birthday month with lots of special peeps..June is awesome! Lets see..there is Norah, Carter, Reese, and one more person..who is that?? LOL You are lucky you get to have a birthday month..Jim will not let me have a birthday week and almost not a birthday..snif, snif...he says I should get a good kick in the ....LOL