Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sweet. This one was supposed to be last... I'm just now getting it. the FIRST one you load will be the last and vice versa. But it took me FOUR tries to upload today so it's staying. Ok.. here us us at Disney. I've never had a turkey leg. Have you? I thought I'd try one for, you know, $5.00 (it's Disney). It was not so good and so very greasy.
Grandma Shirley came with us. We had a great time. Shane had to do his conference but we got to relax!

Aunt Carol and Uncle Bill came to spend the day with us at MGM. It was fun to see them!
I'm pretty sure Grace had an amazing time. I'm wondering if this will count as her Disney experience? When she gets older and asks to go we can say... you've done that already. Think it will work?
She did SO good on the planes! We just popped her out of bed when we left and she flew in her jammies.

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