Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First time swimming

I really don't understand.. NOW the first one I load... IS the first.. can anyone explain loading pictures to me? Why do they switch my order?

Anyway... Here is Grace's first time swimming. She liked it. I realize that in the picture above she doesn't exactly look like she enjoyed herself but that was taken the second day, right before her nap and she did not have a high tolerance for anything.
and here is what came right after this picture. I love her feet sticking out.. She was down for the count.

Here is when she went in with me and liked it! I even dunked her head two times.
Getting ready in her new swimsuit. I bought a 6 month suit because, well, she's 6 months old, but she has a ways to go before that fits her too well. The bottoms were falling off! :)

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Deanna said...

Such precious pictures! Thanks for the Christmas card, too.... absolutely loved it!

Did you figure out how to move your pictures around once they are inserted? You can always just open apple X them and then open apple V them where you want them!!! :) I know that it is a pain that you never know how they are going to upload!

Have a great Christmas! Miss you guys!