Thursday, April 23, 2015


Gav is at such a fun age.  He LOVES going outside.  He can't get enough.   He will go to the door multiple times a day and point. 
He likes to make this face when we say smile.  I love it. 
This is the shot that he will hate me for in about 10 years or so.  Ha!
He is 15 months (almost 16!) and loves green beans.  He can eat almost a whole can!  He loves being outside and reading books.  His favorite place to be is on our fireplace ledge (praise the Lord he didn't find that out till after winter since we aren't burning wood anymore!)He can sign "all done, more, please, bye bye and hi".   He sleeps from 7-7 with two fairly good naps still.  HE also LOVES his Daddy like nobody else.  (who wouldn't?!)  He is most definitely one of the greatest joys in our life.

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