Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Baker's Visit

When I lived in Haiti I worked at QCS with my friend Deborah.  We watched as she and Kyrk started dating and then got married.  (it was so fun!) The lived at the Baptist Haiti Mission.  We had many fun weekends at Deborah's house scrapbooking and being cold in Haiti.  We were there when her oldest Naomi was born.  Well, not "there" but in Haiti.  Ha! :)  When Shane and I went to Haiti on our honeymoon we stayed with Kyrk and Deborah for a few days.  It's been so fun to watch her family grow.
The Baker family comes back to the States and Canada every year and a half or so and when they do they try to stop by on their travels.  I'm so thankful that they include us in their busy schedules.  It's always such a fun visit.  They have five kids so that makes for a busy crazy house with our three and then four adults! But it's great.

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