Friday, January 23, 2015


This was a fun Christmas.  To be honest, the last few Christmas have been a blur.  Not having Ella here for this special time always hurts a little but the first year without her was so hard.  Last year we had JUST had Gav and so that was a blur, but this year I really enjoyed it.
Look at those sweet faces who woke up at our house ready to celebrate!
The aftermath.  Shane lets them make a crazy mess and then we pick up.  The kids love it.
No, Julie is not really hurt.  She got some new "gear" for Christmas.  ha!

Then we went to Michigan.  This is my sister's cat.  My kids LOVE her cats.  Lucky sometimes humors them and lets them get close.  But to be honest, it's probably because he's too lazy to move.  ha!
My sister saved lots of her kids toys and when mine get to her house that's the first thing they go for.
All the grandkids.  It's a little dark but a nice pic! 

bowling fun.  They loved it!
Saying goodbye to grandpa on our way out of town.  It was a quick trip but always fun!

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Anonymous said...

In case you did not note, the hat the Gavin is so casually wearing is from Huntington College (now University), not Ball State. Next time up I will see that both he and Graham have CMU hats.

Love you Shannon. Dad