Thursday, September 4, 2014

Graham's Prayers

We have a Bible that comes with cds that the kids can listen to.  It has Bible stories and music and the kids love it. They listen to it in their room on a regular basis.

A few weeks ago Graham came downstairs from his room and said "mom, in heaven there is God. I want to go to heaven.  I need to go so I can take care of Baby Ella.  But I'm not sure I can walk on clouds. "

Tonight Graham came downstairs with a scrape on his leg.  Grace was being all motherly and brought him down to be taken care of.  I looked at it and said "It's not bad buddy, I'll get you a bandaid." He said "No mom!  I don't need a bandaid.  God will heal me."  So we prayed that God would heal his bandaid and he also thanked God for his babysitter, for the dinner we ate last night (tonights must not have been that good to him. ha!) and for the trains his mom bought when he was a baby.

I love how my kids are soaking up the Word. I love that Graham has the sweetest heart.  He was watching the news with Shane when the Malaysian airline disappeared and he still prays to find the plane.

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