Sunday, September 7, 2014

Conquering my fears.

My family came to visit this summer and we decided to take everyone over to camp Indicoso to do the zip lines and ropes course.  Aaron, Hannah, Adam and I braved the course. 
We also called Grandma Shirley up!  She had just retired and what better way to celebrate than an adventure!
So....  I've been married to the man who builds these things (he built this one!) and he climbs these all the time.  But I've never gone on one!  I've always been pregnant when we have had the chance.  So.  I got up to the first platform (with some help. Ha!) and then promptly panicked.  Like crying, ugly face, moaning icannotpossiblydothis panic.  Shane was great and gave me the option of getting down but no way was I quitting.  What you see above is me moving through the course.  What you cannot see if my panic and you cannot hear my moaning!  
Hannah rocked it though!  She was nervous I'm sure but she did it all!
Aaron and Shirley were ahead of me and they didn't even think twice about doing it!  Adam?  Not sure this was his most favorite thing to do but he did it too!
And... I lived to tell about it!  Ha!  This was before the zip line and I was singing praises to the Lord that I was going to get down. :)  It made me super proud of Shane for how hard he works building things like this for kids to experience.

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Anonymous said...

way to conquer a fear friend! Proud of you.