Saturday, July 5, 2014


Dear Ella,

Happy Birthday!  Today you are two!  I can't believe that two years have passed since I last saw your pretty face.  Two years is a big deal little one!  I don't know if things go in heaven like they do on earth but at two you would be cruising all over and getting into everything.  You'd be talking up a storm and starting to get some strong opinions I'm sure. :)

You were only here with us for just a little time Ella, but you most definitely left your mark.  Your sister counts the kids in our family as two boys and two girls.  Your big brother tells people that he has a sister in heaven and your little brother has heard a lot about you already.  I always wanted a big family and even though we don't get to raise you like our other three, you most definitely count in our family of 6.

I bet that your curls are so long now.  I think that it would be the color of Sis' hair.  Kind of strawberry blonde.  Grandma Shirley gave Gracie curls on Easter and though they were super springy curly.  It made me think of you and smile.

This past year has been quite a busy one.  We had your baby brother and moved to a new house.  I was sad to leave the memories at our old house and sad to leave some of the flowers that reminded me of you, but your daddy had a great idea.  We will plant flowers that remind us of you everywhere we go.  I love that!  You are never too far from our thoughts baby girl.  Never.

I wonder, if in heaven all the little ones gather together.  If so, then you probably know some friends up there.  I know that B. is probably a friend to you and I know you'll be so sweet to little J. who just got there.  Their mamas miss you as much as I do honey, but we know that you are all whole and happy and with Jesus and that makes our sad days easier.  I also wonder if family knows each other.  I think that your Great Grandma Sherd and Great Grandma Wilson are loving all over you and from what I hear of her, I bet your Great Grandma Gracie is singing praises to the Lord with you on her hip.

Oh Ella.  You have my heart always.  I am so proud to be your mama.  I love that we have memories of you to hold on to forever.  And I'm so glad that we will be together again and that this life here on earth is just a blink of an eye compared to the time we'll have together in heaven!

Happy Birthday sweet girl.  We will spend your special day celebrating you.  We will have fun, but I bet you will have more. ;)

I love you,


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! Prayers to mama!

Dad said...

These things make a difference in our lives. As I get older I think of Lynn Ann more and more and then it leads me to think of you and Ella. I love you baby.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, you are such an inspiration to all.