Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sleepy Boy

Graham's been having trouble going to sleep at night.  We put him to bed around 8ish (later than when his sister went to bed at 3, but so is life with more kids!).  Anywhere from 5-20 minutes later we hear... "Dad?  Can I hold someone please?  I just wanna hold you."  Then he half skips half runs out and jumps in Shane's arms as mine are usually filled with Gavin, and cuddles for as long as we will let him. This may happen one time, or many.  Throw a few trips for some sips of water and he's often up till 9 or later.  This makes him super tired in the morning.  He will often get up and try to sneak in our bed during the night.  If he makes it all night in bed or when we put him back, he gets up around 6:30 or so and dives in our bed and goes right to sleep and will sleep until we wake him.

All that to say, we decided to try not having him nap for a few days.  The first day was fine.  He loved it and did great.  But he still did his nighttime routine that night.

This is what happened the next afternoon.

HA!  Sweet boy.  I walked in and called for him.  I didn't see him but could hear heavy breathing.  
This is how I found him, Al Bundy hands in pants and all. :)
With a tennis ball and can of waterproofing spray.  Cause you never know when you'll need those. 

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Cami said...

Gracie totally did the "hold me" thing too. She is just so much more tactile than my other two and it was hard for her (still is) to settle down to sleep. That transition from nap to no nap is tough too. But that photo of him zonked out is priceless. Love it!