Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Randomness (again!)

Life is taken with my iphone lately... and then I just email the pics to my blog.  Thus the random post again!  Here is a sweet little elephant I got for #4 on Black Friday.  Look for him with some weekly baby pics. :)
My friend Jessica is fantastic at sewing.  She offered to make the baby a car seat cover.  Here is the material I picked.  
Can you see Graham's race tracks?  He got creative and made a person complete with eyes, smile, arms and legs!
a better view.  This "person" will most likely have trouble walking with such uneven legs!
And last..  look at this sweetness.  My cousin Amy is so talented and she made this hat and diaper cover for our baby.  I LOVE LOVE it and can't wait to put him in it!

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