Monday, December 30, 2013


I'm sitting here while my oldest two are playing a game (nicely!) and my 6 day old son is napping.  I feel "full" of blessings. He is such a sweet miracle.  Here are a ton of pictures and some random thoughts.
His birth was great (minus the pain and labor part. ha!)  I went into labor early early on the 24th and he was born 13 hours later.  
When he was born I cried hard.  It felt like it was such a long time in him coming and we waited so long for him. Then he was here and healthy and what a blessing.
The nurses at our hospital are so great.  They were so sweet to us and made sure that we were in a different room than the one we had Ella in.  Our day nurse, Lisa was so supportive when I was in pain and so encouraging when I would check on him and ask if he was doing well.
I guessed that he would be 8lbs.  Shane guessed 7 3/4.  He was one ounce less than his big brother!

We stayed just one night in the hospital as we wanted to get home to our kids and celebrate Christmas with Gavin.  Seriously, there is nothing better than a sleeping baby on your chest is there? 

Our kids are in love with their brother!

And this is blurry but look how cute my big kids are with their superhero daddy! 


Anonymous said...

so so happy for you!!!!!!
amanda tonagel

Anonymous said...

he is so beautiful and I am so glad your heart is full! You have such a wonderful beautiful family, you are blessed!!!