Thursday, November 28, 2013

We are grateful

We are grateful for:
  • Storytime and fun games like parachutes.

  • two energetic children who keep us busy every day
  • one sweet girl in heaven who we'll see someday
  • one little man still baking (but there is a countdown on!)

  • This funny turkey

  • and this one too.
  • great dinners where you eat too much and then go back for more before you're really hungry.
  • the twinkling lights of our beautiful Christmas tree.  It's been decorated by kids and it's so not perfect and I love it
  • family.  Even if we can't spend this day with them, we are grateful for them.  All of them.
  • a warm house that is more than we need
  • A God who blesses us beyond measure.
Happy Thanksgiving.  We love you all!

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