Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Randomness Part 2

How cute is this?  I want to make this for our little guy.  Maybe a canvas to hang up for the holidays?
This was two weeks ago so-35weeks?  Feeling low, but I don't think he's ready to come out yet!
Graham loves these two things at my friend Jessica's.  Her girls' head lamp and their little trampoline.
Our Ace Hardware does a ladies day every year.  They have venders come and set up tables and have giveaways and GREAT food.  It's a little weird to go in their back room and sit at their (for sale) patio furniture to eat but my friend Kelsey and I have gone every year.  This year she couldn't go as she had a baby girl the night before!  So I went and took a picture for her. :)
We always do an annual cinnamon roll extravaganza with my friends but this year, with the baby coming so close to Christmas and Jodi now cannot eat gluten we decided to switch it up.  We did a little crafting!
Jodi's craft was these cute frame wreaths.  Mine is the green one that needs a bow.
We also made peanut butter hot fudge sauce (and it is SO SO good!)
Homemade brownie mixes (some of you MAY be getting one of these this year. ha!)
Jo's craft was this cute tree.  I loved how they all turned out.

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