Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Audrey Bunny

Wanted to share the candle I lit for our Ella last night.  We are down south and this picture sits on our mantle.  I love how it looks with a bit of "fall" wrapped around it.  She was so beautiful. 

I got online this morning to catch up on blogs (surprised anyone?!) and read Angie Smith's post about the new children's book that has just been released.  It's a story about "Audrey Bunny".  Her daughter Audrey passed away about 5 years ago and this book is a sweet tribute to her.  We have one ordered from Amazon (you can get yours here) and I'm excited to have it for our collection.

Please read her words. They are perfect.  I couldn't have written them any differently.  Well, I would have actually.  They would not have been nearly as eloquent. :)

I am praising God today- going to do my Thankful Thursday a bit early as I haven't done well keeping up on this blog!  Today I am thankful for:
  • being in the beautiful fall tree tops.  This house sits perfectly so every window shows a burst of fall color.  the leaves are just starting to change.  Hoping for some more brilliant color before the weekend.
  • hearing my two oldest playing on the stairs.  In between the spurts of fighting and yelling, they are getting along so well.  I just heard one say "you cannot go over my side!"  that brings back so many memories of my sister and I!
  • this big cumbersome belly.  I love that it means there is a new life inside me and even though I feel frumpy and dumpy and it's hard to sleep, walk, bend over, etc.  I am so so grateful.

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LisaM said...

I have followed Angie's story for awhile and would love to read this book but our library doesn't have it on order (yet??). Thanks for sharing.