Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vacation Part 1

We are home from a great Florida vacation!  We left from Camp Moneto EARLY.  Like 3:45 AM early.  The kids (and I!) went back to sleep for a bit and then it was game on!  They were so excited to see the water.

Our first glance of the water!  Can you tell she was excited?
Our friends Jason and Kristi moved to Seaside a few years ago and this was our second trip to visit them.  This grassy area is perfect for playing and running.

(Can you see Caroline hamming it up in front of the post office? And have you ever seen a cuter post office?)

A must stop on my list (at least once!) is Barefoot BBQ.  It's an airbus trailer in front of the amphitheater in the picture above.  I'm not kidding, they have the best pork nachos. Ever.

We stayed at the same place as last year.  It was so nice to know what to expect and the kids loved it.

Walking to the beach!

It was a great week of sleeping in, eating great food, swimming, and relaxing.  Stay tuned for more pics!

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