Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Switching It up

EDIT:  I changed it back.  If you didn't see the new design, it was cute!  But by adding it I lost my dashboard where I clicked to add new posts and such.  Until I figure it out we'll have to stick with this design. :)

Just switching it up here on the ole blog.  Do I even have any readers left?  I have been doing poorly at updating here are some reasons in no specific order-

  • Life is busy!  We travel quite a bit, I'm working part time and my kids are running me ragged!
  • I still miss Ella so much.  I'm working through it.  Of course, I'll never get over it, but I don't take pics like I used to and I don't have the drive to post like I did.  Today marks 8 months since she's been in heaven.  When I am sad, I just want to lay on the couch a blanket and eat whatever I can get my hands on.  Which leads me to the next point:
  • I've been working hard at getting this old body back into shape!  I (vaguely) remember being able to run 5 miles at 5:30 AM!!! with my friend Jodi.  On a regular basis.  I don't want to be a tired mom who can't play with her kids.  Or worse, I don't want to not be there for my kids.  I want to feel good in my body.  It's hard to be overweight and feel so bad about myself.  But it's also hard to exercise and eat right.  I'm choosing the latter.  I'm 6 weeks into this and fitting better into my clothes but am still waiting for that oh so exciting weight loss moment when I can "see it". But it's taking it's sweet little time to come.  I try to do it first thing in the morning when everyone is still in bed but I am also sometimes squeezing it in during nap time.  
  • I'd rather write than share pictures right now.  I do realize that this disappoints some of you.  Writing has proven to be therapy for me and I'm grateful for it.  But I know that my family wants pics so then I don't write, and then I don't do anything.... vicious cycle.  I'm thankful for those of you have encouraged me to do whatever feels right.  I know you really want to see cute pics of my kids but thanks. :)
  • I have a fancy and fun new phone and I am taking lots of pictures with it and not so many with my camera.  I need to do better about that too. Or better about uploading pics from my phone to my computer.  Or both.
Ok, so what do you think?  Like this new style or the old one better?   Leave me a comment and let me know!  And just for fun, here are two pics taken by Grace.  Maybe she should take over the blog. :)


Cami said...

Personally, I love the writing. Of course, pictures are worth a thousand words and all that, but pictures will never replace words for me. Writing will cause you to ponder in a different way when you reread them months, years, and decades from now.

I have been exercise regularly for about the same length of time. Like you, I want to be comfortable in my body and not be too tired from the extra weight to play with my kids. I hate exercise. But your post encourages me that staying overweight is hard too.

Jennifer Kay said...

I'm still here too! I read all your posts, even though sometimes I'm days behind.

I recently got on the weight loss bandwagon too...it's hard being fat, it's hard working out so we've just got to choose our "hard".

Write or post pics, this is YOUR space. You are just choosing to let people inside.

Jamie o said...

I love both your pictures and your writing. Even though you don't know that I view your blog every week, I do. And it helps me to know you and your family even though I am so far away and have yet to meet your gorgeous children and fabulous husband. Many times I have wished to be closer to my extended family, but I am where God has placed me and know this is how it is supposed to be.
I say write and post pics whenever the need strikes. Those of us watching love and appreciate it all! Much love from Montana!