Sunday, May 6, 2012


 We are back from a great vacation to Florida!  Our friends, The Beers moved down there last year and we've been waiting to visit them for a long time!  We got there and didn't waste much time hitting the beach!  Grace did great this year and was a bit more adventurous in the water.  (graham= notsomuch)
 We love Alex and Caroline.  They are great with our kids, even though they are younger.  Grace cannot get enough of playing with them.
 The water was great the first day, not too rough and the sun was perfect!
 We stayed just down the road from the Beers so there was lots of swimming at our pool.  :)
 And lots of eating out!  We had some great food.  I think my favorite was Backyard BBQ.  The best nachos ever! (or River, or Old Southern, or...  ok, we ate a lot of great food!)
 This was where we stayed.  The pool is RIGHT in front of it!  It was great for running in and out and for quick swims.
 Graham slowly got used to the water.  He loved the big steps where he could play and do his own thing but he sometimes let us take him out in the deeper water.
More pics to come but thank you Beers for sharing your week and your beautiful home/beach/town with us!

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Kristi said...

Love these! And we loved having you down here! Miss you much!!!