Friday, January 6, 2012


It's not because I don't want to post. I do. It's mostly because I have too much to say... and babies to feed and play with, and life to live. Like right now..right now there's dishes to unload, dishes to reload. A pantry to organize, about 3 loads to wash, a Thomas the Train being pushed on my keyboard, and stickers being randomly applied to my shirt.

We've started a new adventure. We'll be spending some time in Brown County. From where I am sitting I am looking down on beautiful trees, a winding stream and total quiet. Brown County- Nashville area is gorgeous and full of things to see/do. So far we've checked out the post office, the library, and the YMCA, ending with a fantastic McDonald's trip. McDonald's tastes the same wherever you go. How about that for always being "home"?
I'm going to do this for 2012. I want to be thankful for everything, for every moment, even the hard ones. Today I am thankful for my sister for sending me my favorite sunglasses. I could have bought another pair, but when you find your favorite... it's hard to find one that just fits perfectly. And I wear my glasses all.the.time. I was lost without them. I am thankful for the abundance of food in our fridge (now I need the gumption to prepare it!) and for my sweet husband who has been doing whatever it takes to make me happy. That's not always easy.

Let me know if you will take this joy dare too. My friend gave me a journal for this adventure and I'm using that to keep track.

And now I smell something that needs changed....

better go!

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Jessica said...

HI Shan, I have been thinking of you on your adventure! It looks so pretty and peaceful . .. it reminds me of playing Connect Four and hanging out at the the Trimbles . . . and, uh, other adventures :-). HOpe you are having a great time in your new place! xoxo