Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Gracie has made Graham her playmate, whether he likes it or not! The door to her room will close and it will be quiet for a looooonnnnggg time. Then out will come sis in a new (for the 10th time that day!) outfit and brother in a tutu and hair bows. It's so funny! He just looks at us like "guys, I just go with it, it's easier, trust me". ha!
He LOVES playing with blocks and can stack quite a few. They keep him entertained.
The Christmas tree was very exciting to him. So are the ornaments. We let Gracie decorate it and her sweet spot seems to be middle right so, there are about 100 ornaments there and not to many anywhere else.
He has also enjoyed coloring lately! If he sees the crayons out he starts squealing and pointing to the paper.

He finally got tooth #4! 5 & 6 are not far behind. Those top teeth sure do change how he looks. :)

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