Wednesday, October 5, 2011

North Carolina

I loaded these in a funky order but whatever, here are pics from my trip to NC!
Chimney Rock! Nicole "chose"not to tell us that the elevator was broken till we got there. ha! We hiked it up and then down to a beautiful waterfall.
The view from the top.

a little silliness. :)

and for real.. what you see here is brown sugar maple BACON ice cream! Do not knock it till you try it. It was SO good!
but this liquid truffle was even better. Pure "joy" on my face. If only I could bake like this!
Jo, we taught her how to plank then had a great time making her do it everywhere!
We went to Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville for breakfast but had to wait an hour.. so of course we went to a coffee shop around the corner and got PRE breakfast!
Headed into Asheville we stopped in Black Mountain and ate at a fantastic restaurant called Fresh and then found this chocolate shop. (see a theme??)
In Asheville we pricelined our hotel.. and got 1 king! So Jo's airmattress and a little creativity with the chair and tables and we had our beds!
In Charlotte, we had a great time at WOF and walking around.

It rained in Charlotte but the sun came out enough for us to hang out by the pool for a bit.

What a fantastic time. Thanks Ladies! You are the best!

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