Sunday, November 28, 2010

For your enjoyment....

So, the flu hit our house in a major way this past weekend. It started on Thursday with Gracie (not fun) and so we cancelled our fun mexican lunch plans and just hung out. On Friday I was able to go Black Friday shopping with some girlfriends (and NO kids!) and that was great. Then my family came down for the Wilson Christmas. But Friday night Shane got sick. And by sick I mean -really sick - blah. By the time everyone got up I had it. So that ended the Christmas celebrations pretty quickly. We unwrapped presents in record time and they got out of Dodge!

Praise the Lord (and I do mean that!) my parents stayed and watched the kids for us while we slept and got better. Today we are all feeling more like ourselves just tired.

So no monkey pictures today but here is a fun video for you- Well, probably only fun if you are family- a cooing baby isn't exactly Oscar material. :)

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Mrs. Overman's Class said...

Sooo cute! He has a lot to say!