Sunday, November 21, 2010

12 Weeks

Grahamers is 12 weeks old! - I called him Grahamers a few times and Grace picked up on it. That's all she calls him now. :)
At 12 weeks Graham:
  • is getting a bit of a cold. He is still his smiley self and eating and sleeping well but also a bit rattly. Praying that this is the worst of it and he'll be fine.
  • sleeps from about 7 pm-around 2 am, eats, goes back to sleep till around 5, eats, and then goes back to sleep till 7:30 or so. Love it! I'll take him going right back down. :) Next up? All night!
  • loves his play mat and grabs at his toys all the time
  • sings (coos) with us in church as we sing- love it!
  • gave his Grandma Shirley his first laugh on Saturday
  • likes to be swaddled to sleep for naps- he sleeps really well that way, but doesn't need it at night.
I looked at old pics of Gracie at this age... They definitely look alike but also very different! I'll post some comparison pictures later this week.:)

And... BUMBO! We got out the bumbo seat for this big boy! Stay tuned for fun pictures of that!

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