Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grace Lilian

Grace is growing and changing so fast... I wanted to write down some of her funny sayings before I forget
  • She loves to pretend. Right now she's walking around talking to her babies.. (said in a high pitched voice) " you crying baby? oh no, you gotta sit. come here baby. Here you go baby- eat you food!"
  • She also is into pretending that she is her cousin Hannah and either Shane or I are Aaron. She runs through the house going "A-ron A-ron!!!" Yesterday she said "Mom, you Aaron k? Aaron? What's your name Aaron? What's your name?"
  • She's adding words to her sentences. Lately it's been -really. "Mom, I really hungry" "Mom, I really done (eating)" "I really hurt"
  • She says she needs a bandaid (she calls it a ban) for everything. Last Sunday we went to the park and she kept getting shocked from the slide. At first she gave mea dirty look like I did it. Once I explained what happened- she tried the slide again. She got another shock. Got mad and said she was done and wanted to get in the car. Once in the car she told me she needed a bandaid on her belly where she got shocked.
  • "It's too early" If she doesn't want to do something she says "it's too early". Like going to bed. "too early mom". Or if we need to get ready for church or to leave the house. She gets this from us telling her it's too early to get up in the mornings!
  • Flip flops. She loves her flip flops. They are the cheapest things and her feet are pretty much falling off them. She wants to wear them ALL the time. I hid them in the closet because it's getting too cold... yesterday she found them. She had them on before 7 am this morning
  • And last.... my parents will love this one. She throws fits and fusses when her socks aren't on right. I remember doing that when I was little. Kicking and crying on the floor... it's come back to me. :)

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Kristi said...

I laughed when I read about the socks. Caroline STILL throws a fit when her socks aren't perfectly on! :)