Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We started our weekend off by heading to MI and stopping at a hotel. Grace got to swim twice with us. She LOVED it! She couldn't get enough even when she was blue lipped and all pruny.
Here is her look when we had her get out of the pool... not so happy. From the hotel we headed to drop her off at my parents and then we drove up to Mackinaw for two nights.
Our "bridge" crossing. It wasn't crowded or busy up there at all so we really enjoyed driving around looking at the gorgeous views.

We took the ferry to the island and spent the day walking around. We loved the Grand Hotel. and pretending that we were living the high life!
Shane loved the boats!
One of the highlights was taking a 2 hour sailboat ride!
And here I am in my 29 weeks glory. WOW!!!! :)

The view from the Grand hotel. It was a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love Mackinac Island! You're the second person I heard of going there recently and it makes me want to go soooo badly!
Your belly is so cute :)

Jessica said...

love the belly. and the elmo cupckakes are adorable.