Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Recap

On Grace's birthday Grandma Diane came to spend the day with us. She helped me plant all the wonderful flowers I got at shipshewana- thank you Diane! Seriously.. it ended up being a super busy day (of course, why didn't I think it would be??) and she just got to business. She also got Grace this tutu that she LOVES.
Our friends the Beers gifted us with this playhouse for Grace. Their daughter had outgrown it and so they passed it to us- what a great gift! Grace was beside herself with excitement when she saw it. And her friends that came over to celebrate with her loved it too!
Ha! I love this pic! Here are the kids posing and where is the birthday girl? Being stubborn in the playhouse- ha!
I made her Elmo Cupcakes. I thought they turned out cute!

And here is another gift from Grandma Diane and Grandpa. A sleeping bag! She LOVES it. On Monday after we got home from Mackinaw we had a house full of 9 EXTRA people - whew~! Grace slept in her sleeping bag in our room. What a big girl!


Carpenter Family said...

Happy Birthday Grace!

Eva said...

I LOVE the Elmo cupcakes! I did an Elmo cake for Evie's 3rd birthday and loved how it turned out. Happy birthday Grace! Shan, I love you cute baby belly! You look great!

Marah said...

Looks like you had a great party. :)