Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A busy weekend

Here is our busy bee at church last Sunday. Our children's director brought this puppy in for her message. Gracie was in L.O.V.E. She was so gentle and sweet with him!
She really liked holding him but she also REALLY liked the toy that was in his cage.
It was a toss up which she liked more!

We've been so blessed to have such great family help us out this season as we've been doing Upward Basketball and Cheerleading with our church. It's been 8 straight Saturdays and we've had help from both of our families with watching Grace. Throw in some good ole morning sickness with that and you've got a tired/sick/busy mom! This past weekend Grandma Diane and Sara came to stay with Grace. Grace absolutely LOVED Sara. She followed her around and each night when it was time for bed Sara put her down with not one fuss. Sara, you thought I was kidding about working your schedule out to be here each night around 7:30... :)


Amy Lindsey said...

Love love love the pics!!!! And just wanted you to know.... one of the buyers backed out, so I have one left *grin*

Shannon said...

Amy, thanks for sharing him. And I'm thinking that I better stick with what I have for now but oh, wouldn't I love cuddling with that little guy!