Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Treats

I decided to make cupcake pops for Grace to give to our neighbors for Halloween this year. We did something similiar last year. It was fun to dress her up and then take treats. We certainly don't need any more candy in this house. She wouldn't eat it (or her mom wouldn't let her!) then of course, we would have to! So this year I went to www.bakerella.blogspot.com and made her cupcake pops. They took a lot of work but were fun to make!

First you make a cake, then crumble it all and add a can of frosting. I did chocolate and cream cheese
Then roll them into balls, chill and then use a flower cookie cutter to make the cupcake bottom.
If you want more detailed directions, go to her website. You'll see a TON of cute ideas.
First put the choc. bottoms on, then do the top, add sprinkles and an m&m and voila!

I did some like this and some on lolipop sticks. They were very sweet but very good!
NOTE: you could also do them just as balls and they would be great tasting without the fuss...

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Judy said...

I have attempted these things about 4 times. They never turn out. Did you have to adjust the recipe. That bakerella lady is cool, but I think she is secretly leaving out a step or something...then again, your cupcake pops look great! Maybe it is just me