Monday, November 23, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. She's adventurous
2. She likes to get into things. She's not afraid to try.
3. She will take all of her stuffed animals and toys one at a time and then crawl back into her "house".
4. She thinks this is way cooler than going down the slide now.
5. I tried to count all her words the other night... I stopped at around 25 and then realized that she will repeat anything we say. She knows a ton of words!
6. She likes to play this new game- Night Night. She says it and then we all pretend we are going to sleep. Then she laughs and screams and if that doesn't wake us up then she pokes our eyes!

7.The last three weeks or so she has been walking herself to bed (did I mention that before?). We love it. Shane will say "5 minutes" and then she'll walk into her room and wait to be put into bed. She's getting so big!
8. Elmo. She LOVES Elmo. She likes to play with him, drag him all over the house, and watch him on tv.

9. When she watches PBS, there is a commercial that has the Rainforest Cafe on it. Everytime it comes on (and I mean EVERY time) she makes this bird noise- ku-kah, ku-kah!

10. Word are so last year. This is the new way to show you want a snack.

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