Tuesday, August 11, 2009

14 Months

Grace is 14 months old!  At 14 months she:
  • says NO!  What's funny to me is that she already uses it at the right times. Like "Grace do you want some green beans?" and she shakes her head and says "no".  :)
  • is taking great naps.  She sleeps about 90 minutes in the morning and afternoon.  I love that!
  • is a cook in the making.  When we are in the kitchen she is literally at our feet, wanting up.  I am seeing lots of baking and cooking together in our future
  • is my shadow.  She likes to be wherever I am.
  • climbed into the bathroom cupboard yesterday!  I took video and as soon as I learn how to transfer from the video camera to here, I'll post it
  • had her one year pictures taken last week.  They are GREAT!  The one above is a sample.  As soon as I look through them I'll post more.

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