Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:
* Garage Sales! This cute rocking horse came from one and I LOVE it! If you know of a garage sale in my area, LET ME KNOW! (mostly if they'll have kids stuff!)
* Warm days. I bought some pansies this week and put Gracie on a blanket and then got to planting and potting! She was great and we were outside for at least an hour. She won't crawl off the blanket onto the grass so I was all set!
* Walking friends. I have 3 friends here that I've been walking with and I LOVE it. We talk and talk and get exercise in the process! I do miss my Huntington exercise partner (love you Jod!) but I'm thankful for these new ones. Gracie really enjoys our long walks too.
* TWO YEARS of wedded bliss! :) We celebrated two years on Tuesday. Part of it seems like yesterday and part of it seems like we've been married forever. Either way I love my husband and am thankful for him!

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mommy4boys said...

Looking Hot Shan!!