Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Part 2

waving to all the paparazzi....
Her favorite part about presents

Merry Christmas from Mommy and Daddy

Ok, probably the best part about Christmas. After TWO attempts to get to the mall for the picture with Santa (who knew that he comes to the community center in North Webster but it's in November? ok, well lots of other people knew, but not me), we got to the line. And it was long. Very long. And Santa was just getting ready to take an hour break. AND it was $15 for 1 picture. So, us being the cheapskates we are, just took a picture of Grace with Santa IN the background! See him back here? He's there, just look hard. Merry Christmas Gracie!

Trying out her new present from Grandma Shirley. She's got a ways to go to touch the pedals but she still loves it.

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mommy4boys said...

The best picture is of Shane..and his grin in the santa picture..I love it..LOL