Monday, January 26, 2009

7 months

These were taken at 7 months.... a few weeks ago. Time if flying! Grace has found the joy of tags.. anything with a tag... if she can get it to her mouth, she will. I never took the little tag off of this lamb until she mangled it.
at 7 months... Grace can
* sit up very well on her own
* eat lots and lots of things, including some crackers and puffs
* play with toys and switch them from hand to hand
* get cranky when you take her away from what she wants to play with
* look for something that is out of sight, most of the time it is the remote which she LOVES to play with
* stand holding onto something (she LOVES to do this)
* babble on and on
* make funny faces. She's just starting to really pay attention to our faces and begin to try to copy them
* laugh a big belly laugh when we play with her
* recognize when we are not with her. She has started to cry in the church nursery!

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Anonymous said...

good job sp for figuring out how to get some more pics online. :-) gracie is such a doll face!