Wednesday, September 3, 2008

12 weeks

She's 12 weeks old now and starting to be so much fun! She's cooing at us and giving us lots of great smiles ( not so many that I can get them on camera though!) She started sleeping through the night last week! AND I put her on her belly and when I came back in the room she was on her back... her dad swears he didn't flip her!

Our friends Sophie and Oliver were over, visiting and they kept giving Grace lots of toys to play with... she's looking a little overwhelmed with their generosity!


mommy4boys said...

I can not believe she is 12 weeks already..time is going so fast! Enjoy sitting with her and just looking and praying..I used to do to that a lot with Landon..I felt guilty when I could not do that with Nolan as much :( Enjoy miss Grace. I love her!

Judy Crawford said...

The idea of the stuffed animal next to her is a FABULOUS ides. I want your permission to steal it. She is getting so big.