Monday, February 15, 2016

Indy children's museum and almost there.....

My kids are still cute and worth photographing and blogging but time and motivation escape me. Anyway, last week we took a day to go to the children's museum.  One of the best things we did this year was get a membership.  Best homeschool field trip days ever.  And if you are thinking of going try from like 2-5.  No one is ever there!
They love this special TMNT exhibit. 
shane took them to their first Indy 500 race last year so this is always a must.  They can't wait to go again this year! 
Gavin is starting to enjoy the carousel ride now :)
Gotta love fun house mirrors!!!! (Ok so this one may not be that far off....)
But I liked this one way better. We are down to about two weeks and counting till we meet this little one! 
I love this kid. He's super adventurous 
And a cute little Dino too.  
Afterwards we decided to go to Circle Center and eat.  The kids loved it almost as much as the museum!  (Escalators and the views)

I am thankful for a fun family day with this crew!

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