Sunday, July 5, 2015


Dear Ella,

My sweet girl, you are celebrating your third birthday in heaven!  While you are there, we are celebrating you here.  We are camping as a family and we will be thinking of you the whole weekend.

I can hardly believe three years have passed.  I have spent so much time thinking of you this past week and reliving your birth.  God knew exactly the plan for your birthday and it was so peaceful. Holding you was one of the best gifts I have ever been given.  Hearing you cry was another.  I am grateful that your grandparents were able to meet you!  That was special. There are not many people in this world that got to meet you and I'm so glad that they were able to see your sweet face up close and personal.

I've been thinking of what you would be like at 3, Ella.  You'd be talking up a storm and I know there would be dress up clothes all over the house.  You'd do everything you could to keep up with Grace and Graham.  I know that because I see Gav doing it and he's not even two! I love imagining your curls in the summer humidity.  There is nothing sweeter than a stick up pony tail, sprouting hair, on a little girl.

Oh my little one, I miss you so.  Most days we are great and happy.  We talk about you with a smile on our face.  But some days are so hard and I just wish you were here, getting crumbs all over and needing your face wiped or hands washed.  I wish you could know how funny Grace is, how silly Graham is and how sweet Gavin is.  I wish I could see your face light up when your Daddy gets home from work and you run to him.  I wish I could hear your jabbering in the back seat.  I know that wasn't the Lord's plan for your life, but it sure was what I was hoping for.

I love you so very much baby girl.  I will never stop loving you like a mama loves her little ones.  I hope that in heaven you get a special birthday celebration and that you have so much fun.  You are my sunshine, always and forever.


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Dad said...

Shannon, I think so often about this baby and in context with Lynn Ann. I wish that I had been stronger for you three years ago. I love you dearly.