Thursday, August 7, 2014


Is it already August?  Where did our summer go? :)  I need to do a better job of posting here.  So for my three readers (hi mom and dad! ha!) I'm sorry.  Here was our first camping trip in our new pop up!
The beds are nice and big.  Shane and the big kids slept on one side and me and this little hottie slept on the other.  :)
Gav is really taking off and his big sister has totally taken to being in charge of him.  They are a great pair, mostly. ;)
Oh but she can get him to laugh and smile!
I liked this picture because in the first one you can see Gav.  Now, look to the one below. 
Same pic but without flash.  You can see the lake! 
We did stay inside our camper a bit because we love it!  The kids liked having a table to color on.
and Gav did lots of this.
Ella's second birthday in heaven was while we were camping.  Some sweet friends send us these flowers and so I had to take them with us to enjoy and think of here while were gone.  Then, unknown to me Grace had brought these three things to "decorate the camper".  Ha Ha!  It did make it nice and homey in there!
Now, here are a few outside ones, just so you know we didn't stay inside the whole time!!  Shane took the kids to see the fireworks.  They hit some golf balls, and we went swimming.  And of course smores.  Who could camp without them?!
The first thing I wanted to buy for our camper was a set of owl lights.  My grandma and grandpa had owl lights on their camper when I was growing up.  Well, apparently those are vintage now because they were like $40!  So we got some chinese lantern lights instead.  They work just as well!
And our little site.  It was a great weekend!  I had a few moments, but just like last year, I was really sad and cried a lot the day before but on Ella's birthday I was ok.  We got ice cream as a family just like we did last year and that felt good.  

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Jayma said...

Sounds like a great get away! I'm sure many more fun trips in the camper are to come. :)