Thursday, May 1, 2014

Four Months!

Gavin turned four months a week ago.  It was last Thursday, the 24th.  Only I completely missed it on the 24th and on the 25th put him in his little onesie with his 4 month sticker and took pics and told people "He's four months today!"  I even knew it was the 25th.  Then that night I realized... oh, wait.  he was born on the 24th!  HAHA!

So it's not because I love him less that I don't post as much.  It's not because I'm taking less pictures.  I have a ton.  It's because I'm tired!  So tired that I have zero desire to get up, get the camera, find the cord, download pics and then do the blog.  The reason you get these here is because I learned how to text pictures from my phone to the blog. :)  So here ya go!
At four months Gav:
  • is wearing cloth diapers when we are at home.  (is he not so cute?!).  It hasn't been that much more work and I've had these diapers since Graham was little so no extra money.  We have enough diapers that it's only an extra load every 3 days or so.  And... he's never had a blow out in cloth, but many in disposable.  just sayin. :)

is 12 lbs 8 oz and 26 inches long!  He's something like the 3rd percentile for weight and 75 percentile for height!  Long and lean, that's how my babies always are!
Has found his hands and chews on them ALL.THE.TIME.  I don't remember my other two doing this as much or really being drooly.  I need to find my bibs!
  • can roll from belly to back easily and has rolled from back to belly a few times
  • is sleeping....  ok.  Not all night for sure, but he gets up to nurse two or three times and mostly goes right back to sleep.  The worst of it is that I go upstairs and sit in the chair to nurse him.  Then I fall asleep in the chair (he's safe in my arms and on the boppy, no worries) and wake up an hour or two later with a kink in my neck. I feel like I want a do over for that hour of sleep every time!

  • Has kept most of his hair but has some great combover action going on the sides.  See this?  Almost non above his ears.  Ha!
  • is developing a bit of stranger anxiety, or mostly he just wants his mama when he's tired. If he is, no one else will do (I don't mind though!) Other than that he loves people!
We love our sweet boy.  He's got that shy grin going on right now and when you make him smile he ducks his head.  Love him so.

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Dad said...

Happy baby, you and Shane must be doing something right.