Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The view from here:

This was my view a few weeks ago.  Praise the Lord most of those boxes are gone and we are settling in!
This view makes me so happy-  She loves him so and is a great big sister- so helpful.
Nothing better than a view of a toasty warm fireplace!
This is the view I see when I sit in my favorite chair and nurse Gav.  The snow is gone now and I'm glad for that!
This is my view when I rock Gav in his room 
Two of my boys... Gavin's view is only for his daddy. 
And this view is the best-  Three of my kids, playing, a clean living room, the sun shining...  God is good!

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Dad said...

If you give her a perm, she looks a whole lot like her mother at that age.