Saturday, June 30, 2012

34 weeks

 Yesterday I was 34 weeks with our third little one.  This picture is not good.  I'm going to just put that out there right away.  My girls in Michigan are cringing right now because of the ponytail I'm sure but I didn't want to miss recording the day and to be honest, today I got up to go garage sale-ing and knew it wouldn't get any better than that!

 and here are a few attempts at getting a picture of all three of my babies.  Neither child was into it.  Gracie kept wanting to stand in front of me or head butt my belly.  Graham tried to kiss the baby but ended up a bit north of my stomach and well, we can't put that online! (ha!)
And my loving hubby also caught another marker of this pregnancy.  My seriouslybigcantheygetanybigger? swollen feet.  The Dr actually prescribed me compression socks!  I moaned about them and whined a bit but they do work!  Shane has to help me put them on and we laugh so hard every time but they do help.   :)

God is good.  We are doing ok and we are enjoying all of her kicks.  Last night she had the hiccups and she was rolling all over.  She's head down now and I'm happy about that.  I often get a little knee/foot sticking out of my right side.  I love it.  I love these memories I'm making with her.  I feel like I'm so much more aware of her than I was the other two.  Isn't life a miracle?  I know, that's so cliche, but it's true.   Today I'm praising God for 34 great weeks.


Deanna said...

You look great, girl! And I'm glad to hear that the compression socks are helping. Love you guys!

a tonagel said...

Praising God for you and your baby girl also. :)