Monday, March 5, 2012

Yes Michigan!

If you're from Michigan, you may have sung the little "Yes, Michigan, the feeling is better" song from way back when. A tv promotion for tourism. I still thing of that song when entering Mi. :) I took the kids up to visit family while Daddy took a work trip to Boston.
The kids had fun at Grandma and Grandpa's watching tv, playing with some of my old toys, coloring, getting Grandma to pretend with Gracie. Fun fun fun!
There were also books to be read. Nobody reads like a Grandma does. :)
And there were birthday's to celebrate! Aaron and Hannah turned 15 and 12 this year so we had a little party for them.
Graham was pretty much only having Adam's (my brother in law) Dad, Joe. They were BFF all night. Gracie moved around from Hannah and her cousin Maddison, to Aaron. He humors her and I love it. :)
We had a great trip to Michigan. One our way home we picked up Shane at the airport. The next day was valentine's and he brought us treats! He had a layover in Chicago and brought me Garrett's mixed popcorn. It is, er, I mean, was so good! The kids loved their airplanes too.

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