Saturday, February 4, 2012

What we're doing

We've been enjoying checking out our new library. I love that my kids love to read. Grace wants to read all of the books with us then she'll grab one in a quiet moment and "read" them herself.
Graham's books are on a shelf going to the play room. He's constantly taking them down. I would mind except for how sweet he is looking through them.
home improvement! My hubs is very talented, if you didn't know. He put up a new oven hood for us, today he fixed the hot water upstairs, added a light/fan in our bathroom, now he's downstairs fixing a leak in the utility sink. I love that he can fix just about anything!

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camilla said...

I remember I discovered the public library as a mom. (I didn't grow up stateside, so it really was a new concept for me.) I really couldn't believe they let me take stacks of books home with no charge or membership fee. It really is amazing. We LOVE it.