Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Clothes

Here's a funny story- last week I had a babysitter come while Shane was gone and I had Bible Study. This summer we are doing a Wed. morning study at 6:30 am. I know it's early but it works and we all get breakfast which is great! I had one of the camp staff roll out of bed and come over. We've had her once or twice before including last year a couple times. I made her coffee and got Grace her milk. This time I decided I didn't need to control everything and I'd just let her pick out Grace's clothes. I told her that they were in the 2nd and 3rd drawers and that she could dress her whenever.

When I came home... this is what I found...
Thought #1- hmm... I didn't know Grace had blue capri pants! Well... that's nice because they can go under dresses but I really have never seen them before. I mention this to our Babysitter and she just says..."yeah, they were in there"

Thought #2- Wow... I really can't believe she has clothes I've NEVER seen. Interesting. And even more interesting that she didn't put Grace in a shirt

Thought #3- No. I am very sure I've NEVER EVER seen these in Grace's room. - I then pull up her nightgown and look at the tag and it dawns on me....

My daughter is wearing her new baby brother's 0-3 month pants.


So I started laughing and tell this sweet little babysitter who stays up crazy late and was probably dead tired just says... well that's where her clothes were last year. Yes. Yes they were. And I never thought to tell her we had moved Grace or that she has a new dresser (G. was up when she got there so she didn't go to her room) or that Grace's clothes would be a 24 months or 2T or that they would probably have more PINK and girl colors not blue and trucks and dogs and be TINY! :)


J said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!

Carpenter Family said...

Ha, love it!!!!!

Jessica said...

oh my that is SO funny!!!