Thursday, November 13, 2008

She laughs

If you read this and think "man, all she ever posts is about her baby!" I just want you to know that you're right. First, because this is for people who want to see my baby. And second, because she is so stinking cute I about can't take it. It's dark, I know. But you really just need to listen anyway. :)


Linda said...

I loved hearing Gracie laugh--and I loved hearing Shane too! I love your blog--it is so nice to be able to watch her grow--even though I've never seen her in person yet.
Aunt Linda

mommy4boys said...

She is almost 6 months..that is one of my favorite ages for kids..enjoy least I can be down at your house when she is 6 months old! yay!

Judy Crawford said...

isnt it amazing how we subject ourselves to look like total idiots just to see a smile or hear a laugh. I think I enjoyed dad in the background just as much as I did gracie.